One thing that hasn’t changed: working across cultures

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International assignments are on hold, business trips have been suspended and overseas travel is no longer possible. Despite these travel restrictions, one thing hasn’t changed: working across cultures. So if we can’t get on a plane and meet face-to-face, how do we have meaningful interactions with colleagues and partners overseas? How do we build trust and foster relationships without meeting in person?

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Keeping an eye on expat mental health

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I always keep a box of tissues nearby when I’m facilitating a pre departure program. 

Why? These programs are often the first time our clients have talked about how they’re feeling – how overwhelmed they feel dealing with the logistics of the move, how anxious they feel about uprooting their family to a completely new country, or how stressed they feel about taking on a new role where they don’t speak the language.  Last week I had the partner of an expat burst into tears because they were leaving behind their elderly mother and weren’t sure whether they would see them again. Read More

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