COVID-19 Guidelines

International Consultants Centre’s priority is the health and safety of our team and our clients. We have put the following protocols in place to mitigate risk to all parties during the COVID-19 pandemic.

ICC Programs:

Where possible or preferred, cultural training or relocation support will be provided virtually. If you have any concerns about any aspect of your program, please do not hesitate to contact the Global Mobility Team.
  • International Consultants Centre will undertake continuous active questioning of all Relocation Consultants and assignees to determine if they or any of their immediate contacts have displayed symptoms of or received a positive COVID-19 diagnosis within the previous 14 days.
  • Should either the Relocation Consultant or assignee display mild fever, aches, sore throat, loss of sense of smell or taste, or any other flu-like symptoms, they must advise the Global Mobility Team immediately.
  • International Consultants Centre recommends use of the CovidSafe app by all Consultants and assignees.

Accompanied Programs:

  • It is recommended that Relocation Consultants supply and use hand sanitiser in their vehicle during accompanied programs.
  • All Relocation Consultants will be supplied with masks for use during accompanied programs. Consultants will also provide a mask to the assignees to be worn during the program.
  • All Relocation Consultants will be supplied with gloves for use during accompanied programs. Assignees may also wish to supply, and wear gloves their own gloves.
  • Handshakes and unnecessary touch is to be avoided.
  • Assignees will handle their own luggage.
  • Relocation Consultants and assignees should adhere to proper hygiene practices, including thorough handwashing throughout the day. Where handwashing facilities are not available, hand sanitiser is to be used.

Driving with Assignees:

  • Social distancing measures of 1.5m distance must be in place whenever possible.  To maintain distance within a vehicle only one passenger should be carried at a time. Where it is unavoidable a maximum of two passengers may be carried.
  • While in a shared vehicle, the assignee should sit in the back seat of the vehicle and on the opposite side to the driver.  It is recommended to open the window where possible.  It is recommended that the air conditioning is set to external airflow rather than recirculation.
  • It is recommended that time in the vehicle together is minimised where possible.  Breaks between appointments may be spent outside of the vehicle, walking, at a park, beach, or shopping strip for example.
  • It is recommended that Consultants wipe down their vehicle with anti-bacterial wipes after returning the assignee to their accommodation.
  • If the assignee prefers to drive themselves, the Consultant will meet the assignee at the property.

During Property Inspections:

  • Relocation Consultants and assignees are to follow the guidelines provided by each property manager during each property inspections.
  • During inspections social distancing protocols are to be maintained and current tenants should not be at the property.
  • It is recommended that Consultants and assignees do not attend open house inspections, private house viewings are preferred.
  • Consultants and assignees are recommended to ensure they do not touch any fixtures and fittings within the property.  Where this is unavoidable hand sanitiser is recommended.
  • Where the property being viewed is smaller in size, the Relocation Consultant may opt to wait outside of the property.

Cultural Training Programs:

  • All of ICC’s cultural training programs can be delivered virtually, on a range of platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet and Skype.
  • Once the Australian Government determines it safe and reasonable to do so, ICC can offer the option of an in-person cultural briefing, with relevant distancing and hygiene protocols in place.
  • ICC’s cultural training programs are developed by experienced and qualified Intercultural Facilitators and make use of a range of online tools and platforms. This ensures that, when delivered virtually, programs are engaging and relevant, achieving the high quality outcomes for which ICC is recognised industry-wide.