Frequently Asked Questions

Why International Consultants Centre?

We have over 30 years’ experience providing human resources outsourcing services to many of the world’s largest companies. We specialise in providing flexible, tailored HR solutions through long standing partnerships. We can support you with your HRM strategy and policies, your mobility operations and your mobile employees while you focus on your core business activities.

Which locations does International Consultants Centre support?

International Consultants Centre provides world class relocation support to all capital cities and regional areas within Australia and New Zealand. Working with our global partners our quality service extends across the globe to worldwide destinations.

Contact us to discuss the locations we cover.

Why should I outsource my assignment management?

It makes sense to trust the experts. We specialise in all aspects of global mobility, by outsourcing this function you can free your internal resources to focus on your key business functions. Allowing us to partner with you gives you best practice, streamlined and efficient processes, cost controls and regular reporting. We provide tailored, flexible solutions through lasting partnerships with our clients.

Why should I provide cultural awareness training for my assignees and their family?

Studies show that the ROI on cultural awareness training is high. With cultural awareness training, global assignments have a better chance of succeeding:

  • Employees find it easier to forge strong working relationships with greater understanding of communication styles, social customs and norms.
  • Improving assignee and family adjustment, giving them the tools they will need to successfully adjust to their new environment.
  • Advice on how to create a network of social contacts. The support of strong social contacts is necessary for the employee spouse and children to adapt to their new environment.

I want to move my entire team to a new location. Can you help me?

ICC has experience relocating entire organisations and business units to a new location. This involves extensive consultation with the business, supporting and informing policy development and entitlement decisions to ensure best practice and best fit for your business.

ICC will partner with you to ensure that the relocation runs smoothly for your employees and their families. Providing on-going support throughout the process, your team members will be informed to make key decisions with minimal stress.