Intercultural Services

Our specialist coaches and trainers offer tailored programs to meet specific business and personal requirements. Programs include cross cultural training, coaching and team-based workshops. Coaching may be formally recognised as Continuing Professional Development (CPD) by a number of professional associations.

Can't find exactly what you need below? ICC can develop fully customised programs suitable for workshops, team retreats, conferences, webinars and more. Programs can be delivered across Australia (Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney) as well as internationally.

Programs for Teams

Practical custom designed programs to suit your requirements. ICC's programs are designed equip teams with the knowledge, tools and self-awareness to work more effectively across cultures.
Previous programs have included:

  • managing teams across different geographies
  • multicultural team building
  • negotiating skills in different cultures for win-win outcomes
  • frameworks for working with cultural difference
  • business and social etiquette in culturally diverse teams
  • cross cultural training for teams
  • practical tips for surviving business travel
  • country specific knowledge for business (e.g. Chinese cultural awareness)

Pre-departure Programs

Cross cultural training programs that support international assignees to adjust effectively to their host location, including daily living, family adjustment, historical perspectives, cross cultural comparison, living and working with cultural difference.
These programs:

  • enable the assignee to feel confident when interacting in the new business culture
  • help the assignee achieve maximum effectiveness in the new work environment
  • contribute to the development of global leadership capability in your organisation
  • assist in positive family adjustment and wellbeing

Repatriation Programs

Custom designed programs to help employees on return to home location. The repatriation program offers the repatriated assignee (and their partner) an opportunity to reflect on their assignment and optimise their re-entry into Australia by identifying the interpersonal and professional competencies developed on assignment.
These programs:

  • reflect on challenges encountered, skills acquired and how to utilise them in the home environment, recognise and understand the process of transition and change, the phenomenon of Reverse Culture Shock
  • explore changes in the industry, the home office, the country and the community
  • develop realistic plans for celebrating the overseas experience and incorporating elements into their new life
  • reflect on challenges encountered, skills acquired and how to utilise them in the home environment, recognise and understand the process of transition and change, the phenomenon of Reverse Culture Shock

Programs for Children and Teens

Custom designed, age appropriate cross cultural training for children and teens relocating internationally.
These programs:

  • validate the children’s concerns about the move and address them positively
  • teach children about life in the host country in a fun and interactive way
  • prepare them for the roller coaster ride of emotions
  • recognise the role of each family member in supporting the other

Assignment Assessment Programs

Assess a potential expatriate’s ability to work effectively in a different business culture. This two-phase approach involves a self assessment and a candidate debriefing to assess:

  • candidate’s working preferences and competencies and how these complement the target culture
  • degree of self-awareness including how they may be perceived by others
  • interest in learning about other cultures and willingness to adopt strategies to bridge cultural gaps
  • assignment motivation and family support

Measure cultural competencies and identify areas for development in candidates through use of the comprehensive self assessment tool, Global Competencies Inventory (GCI). All coaching sessions and workshops are delivered by GCI-qualified coaches and facilitators.

E-learning Tools

International Consultants Centre uses e-learning tools Argonaut's CultureConnector and TMA World's Country Navigator help the individual develop an understanding of their own cultural profile, identifying strengths and potential challenges in relation to their host country.
Our e-learning systems are an effective tool for:

  • standalone e-learning training courses
  • use in conjunction with virtual or face-to-face coaching
  • the training of high potential employees to operate effectively in the global marketplace
  • teams working across multiple geographies, understanding perceptions of each other, leveraging strengths and overcoming areas of conflict