Relocation Services

Corporate Relocation

International Consultants Centre proudly provides the best end-to-end relocation support for your business, your employees, and their families.

Whether it is an international or domestic assignment within Australia or New Zealand, our experienced and knowledgeable Relocation Consultants can implement a comprehensive suite of corporate relocation services and programs tailored to suit your needs.

We collaborate worldwide to deliver exceptional, flexible and outcome-focussed global relocation services.

Relocation of Teams

Our collective knowledge and experience means we’re undeniably the best business Relocation Consultants to manage the efficient and timely relocation of organisations and business units to new locations.

ICC Relocation Specialists provide your business with logistical relocation services as well as policies and programs to facilitate the smooth movement of your teams to national and global destinations.

Working with ICC for all your corporate relocation needs means you are free to focus on core business while your teams hit the ground running in their new locations.

Orientation Programs

ICC delivers a range of relocation support programs including our popular Orientation Program. This service is designed to prepare assignees with an overview of life in the host city including up-to-date information about schooling, housing, public transport, social networks and day to day living.

International Consultants Centre provides relocation support to all capital cities and regional areas within Australia and New Zealand. Working with our global partners, our expert global relocation service extends to worldwide destinations.

Home Search Programs

Our Home Search Program helps assignees and their families find a new home, settle in, and feel at ease in their host city. We work closely with each assignee to ensure they are settled into a suitable new home as quickly as possible. Our Global Mobility Managers guide assignees through the competitive housing market to ensure they secure a home that meets their budget and all the requirements of their family.

ICC Home Search programs are developed to provide suburb orientation, property viewing, lease negotiation, entry condition reports, utility connections and ongoing support throughout the settling-in period.

School Search Programs

Our specially designed School Search program provides families with an overview of suitable education facilities so that they can make informed decisions about their schooling options.

ICC Globility Mobility Managers advise families on school enrolment processes, assist with appointment scheduling and accompany parents on tours of childcare facilities and schools.

Destination Services

In preparation for the assignee’s arrival, ICC Global Mobility Managers manage all those important things like arranging temporary accommodation, making travel arrangements and coordinating household removals.

At the completion of the assignment, we assist assignees with the preparations for their return home. ICC provides advice and support through the process of terminating a tenancy agreement as well as household removals, utility disconnections and travel bookings.

Talk to ICC today and discover how our tailored programs can support all your corporate relocation needs.