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Doing Business with Asia- Cultural Competency for the Asian Market

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Recent research has shown that Australia’s top executives are falling short when it comes to the intercultural skills required when working with Asian markets. As a leader in intercultural training, ICC has worked with some of Australia’s biggest companies, delivering thousands of coaching sessions, workshops and briefings aimed at developing intercultural competency.  Read More

One thing that hasn’t changed: working across cultures

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International assignments are on hold, business trips have been suspended and overseas travel is no longer possible. Despite these travel restrictions, one thing hasn’t changed: working across cultures. So if we can’t get on a plane and meet face-to-face, how do we have meaningful interactions with colleagues and partners overseas? How do we build trust and foster relationships without meeting in person?

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The Culture of Queuing

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A very British queue. Source: The Independent

Have you ever stopped to think about when and how you learnt to queue? Being raised in Australia, it would seem obvious to stand behind the person being served to wait for your turn. If you did this in Cuba, for example, your turn might never come. Read More

The Impact of Culture on the Brain

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Did you know that our culture impacts on our brain? There are a number of studies that demonstrate how the activity in our brains can change from culture to culture. Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) is increasingly being used to study the impact of culture on our brain’s functioning and there are some interesting results surfacing in the field of cultural psychology.  Read More

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